they saw harrycorwinat the wheel of the _follow me_lower his head

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they saw harry corwin, at the wheel of the _follow me_, lower his head to speak to his brother in the engine room. the _follow me_ began to forge ahead again, slowly but certainly. give her more gas, steve, begged perry. we cant have a little old puffing pig of a boat like that walking away from us. look at those idiots grin! and watch them change their faces, laughed steve as he drew the throttle forward another two or three notches. under the hatches the engine uttered a new note and a quick jarring became felt. joes anxiety increased to uneasiness. say, steve, do you thinkis it all righti mean shes only doing about seventeen, replied steve calmly. the throttle isnt nearly open yet. but i guess thats enough, he added as he glanced across the water. perry, leaning across the gunwale, beckoned insultingly. come on! he called. what are you stopping there for? the _follow me_ replied to the taunt, but what the reply was they didnt know on the _adventurer_, for the latter was ahead now by its full length and gaining perceptibly every moment. tom corwins head appeared over the cabin roof, he took a look at the rival craft and popped from sight again. the _follow me_ stopped going back and hung with her nose abreast the _adventurers_ stern. phil, who had been writing a letter in the cabin, emerged and joined the group outside. how fast is she going, steve? he asked. about seventeen, i think. still, harry said the _follow mes_ best was eighteen, and she isnt losing any, and so we may be doing eighteen, too. guess we might as well settle the matter right now, though. with which he pulled the throttle to the limit, and the white cruiser, quivering from stem to stern, forged ahead. were doing a good twenty miles an hour now, shouted steve above the hum of the motor, and she wont go any faster unless we get out and push! but twenty miles was fast enough to distance the _follow me_, although that boat held on gamely all the way across the bay and only slowed down when, a good quarter of a mile behind the _adventurer_, she was abreast pelican bar. the _adventurer_ dropped her gait to twelve and presently the black cruiser, having negotiated the inlet in the wake of the other craft, drew within hailing distance and harry corwin called across through the megaphone. some boat, steve! he shouted. were satisfied! steve waved back and the two cruisers settled down to their fortymile run along the shore, the _follow me_ gliding smoothly along abaft the _adventurers_ starboard beam. they sighted few other craft this morning, and, as there was a deal of sameness in the coast, the fellows settled down to various occupations. steve conducted a second class in navigation, with perry and han as pupils, and perry was allowed to take the wheel all the way from smiths point to a position off the moriches lifesaving station. phil went on with his letters, ossie performed mysterious rites in the galley, with han looking on interestedly from atop the dishboard, and neil, exhausted by his labours as crew, reclined on the seat in the cockpit and stared sleepily at a blue and unclouded sky. joe hunched himself on a seat on the bridge deck and studied his book on motor boating, becoming, if truth were told, more and more mystified as to the working of that remarkable affair that was clickclicking away under his feet. the _adventurer_ reached the inlet to shinnecock bay a few minutes past ten and, closely followed by her companion boat, put through and turned her nose past ponquogue point. as comorant point drew near the shores of the bay closed in and the cruiser turned to port and, signalling her way past various craft, finally came to a pause outside the canal entrance. when the _follow me_ floated alongside wink wheeler called across. what do you say to going ashore, fellows? he asked. it looks like a jolly sort of place. weve got plenty of time, havent we? all the time in the world and nothing to do, replied steve cheerfully. well make that landing over there and you can come alongside us, harry. ten minutes later they were stretching their legs ashore. canoe place held plenty to interest them. the view was magnificent, for on one side of them lay shinnecock bay, across whose still, pondlike waters they had just sailed, and on the other stretched the blue expanse of great peconic bay, sunbathed, aglint with rippling waves and dotted with white sails. a small boy with one suspender performing the duty of two and a straw hat minus about everything except the brim offered to guide them and his proposition was quickly accepted and a bright new quarter changed hands. the quaint old inn was visited and their informant gravely pointed to two sentinel willow trees and told them that them trees was planted by napoleon a couple o hunerd years ago. he got em some place called saint helen. they had him in prison there for somethin. the boys viewed the willows doubtfully, but, as phil said, it was more fun to believe the extraordinary tale and they tried hard to do so. steve attempted to secure more historical information from the small boy, but the latter appeared to have exhausted his fund. after that they viewed several summer estates from respectful distances and, finding that their guide had nothing further of real interest for them, went back to the landing and reembarked. a quartermile or so of artificial canal took them through the narrow neck of land between the two bays and let them out in a cove beyond whose mouth the waters of great peconic stretched, apparently illimitable. the course was set northeast by east and they began the trip to shelter island. about half an hour later joe discovered that the _follow me_ was far behind and it was soon evident that she had stopped. after a moment steve decided to turn back and see what was wrong, and when the _adventurer_ rounded the smaller boats stern they learned that the _follow me_ was having engine trouble

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