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whats wrong with her? only that i cant stand her, said kitty. whats the good of trying? she looked up, a flame of mutiny in her cheeks. what, indeed? said ashe, feeling as reckless as she. her manners are beyond the bounds. but look here, kitty, dont you think youll come home? you know you do look uncommonly tired. kitty frowned. home? why, im only just beginning to enjoy myself! take me into the cool, please, she said to the boy who had been dancing with her, and who still hovered near, in case his divinity might allow him yet a few more minutes. but as she put out her hand to take his arm, ashe saw her waver and look suddenly across the room. a group parted that had been clustering round a farther door, and ashe perceived cliffe, leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed. he was surrounded by pretty women, with whom he seemed to be carrying on a bantering warfare. involuntarily ashe watched for the recognition between him and kitty. did kittys lips move? was there a signal? if so, it passed like a flash; kitty hurried away, and ashe was left, haughtily furious with himself that, for the first time in his life, he had played the spy. he turned in his discomfort to leave the dancingroom. he himself enjoyed society frankly enough. especially since his marriage had he found the companionship of agreeable women delightful. he went instinctively to seek it, and drive out this nonsense from his mind. just inside the larger drawingroom, however, he came across mary lyster, sitting in a corner apparently alone. mary greeted him, but with an evident coldness. her manner brought back all the preoccupations of his walk from the house. in spite of her small cordiality, he sat down beside her, wondering with a vicarious compunction at what point her fortunes might be, and how kittys proceedings might have already affected them. but he had not yet succeeded in thawing her when a voice behind him said: this is my dance, i think, miss lyster. where shall we sit it out? ashe moved at once. mary looked up, hesitated visibly, then rose and took geoffrey cliffes arm. just read your remarks this evening, said cliffe to ashe. well, now, i suppose tomorrow will see your ship in port? for it was reasonably expected that the morrow would see the american agreement ratified by a substantial ministerial majority. certainly. but you may at least reflect that you have lost us a deal of time. and now you slay us, said cliffe. ah, well_dulce et decorum est_, etcetera. dont imagine that youll get many of the honors of martyrdom, laughed ashein cliffes eyes an offensive and triumphant figure, as he leaned carelessly upon a marble pedestal that carried a bust of horace walpole. why? cliffes hand had gone instinctively to his mustache. mary had dropped his arm, and now stood quietly beside him, pale and somewhat jaded, her fine eyes travelling between the speakers. why? because the heresies have no martyrs. the halo is for the true church! hm! said cliffe, with a reflective sneer. i suppose you mean for the successful? do i? said ashe, with nonchalance. arent the true church the people who are justified by the event? the orthodox like to think so, said cliffe. but the heretics have a way of coming out top. does that mean you chaps are going to win at the next election? i devoutly hope you may_we_re all as stale as ditchwaterand as for places, anybodys welcome to mine! and so saying, ashe lounged away, attracted by the bow and smile of a pretty frenchwoman, with whom it was always agreeable to chat. ashe trifles it as usual, said cliffe, as he and mary forced a passage into one of the smaller rooms. is there anything in the world that he really cares about? mary looked at him with a start. it was almost on her lips to say, yes! his wife. she only just succeeded in driving the words back. his not caring is a pretence, she said. at least, lady tranmore thinks so. she believes that he is becoming absorbed in politicsmuch more ambitious than she ever thought he would be. thats the way of mothers, said cliffe, with a sarcastic lip. they have got to make the best of their sons. tell me what you are going to do this summer. he had thrown one arm round the back of a chair, and sat looking down upon her, his colorless fair hair falling thick upon his brow, and giving by contrast a strange inhuman force to the dark and singular eyes beneath. he had a way of commanding a womans attention by flashes of brusquerie, melting when he chose into a homage that had in it the note of an older world, a world that had still leisure for, passion and its refinements, a world still within sight of that other which had produced the _carte du tendre_

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