every day we seem to be increasing our capacity to

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every day we seem to be increasing our capacity to make land productive.we not only make new discoveries, but profit by those of more ancient civilizations than our has long been known that in the east they subject grain to the same system of replanting that truck gardeners do early vegetables.[168] dr.fesca informs us that in japan rice is treated in the same way: it is allowed first to germinate; then it is sown in special warm corners, well inundated with water and protected from the birds by strings drawn over the ground.thirtyfive to fiftyfive days later, the young plants, now fully developed and possessed of a thick network of rootlets, are replanted in the open this way the japanese obtain from twenty to thirtytwo bushels of dressed rice to the acre in the poor provinces, forty bushels in the better ones, and from sixty to sixtyseven bushels in the best lands.the average, in six ricegrowing states of north america, is at the same time only nine and a half bushels.[169] agriculturists are familiar with the results obtained by major halletts growing what he called pedigree cereals; that is to say, by using as seed only the best ears in his crop; and by giving to each grain sufficient space he obtained sometimes as much as 2500 grains for one grain planted.even better results were obtained by grandeau.[170] we are only beginning to know how much can be produced out of an acre of thing, however, is certain: where labor is cheap and land limited as in the case of our unemployed, there is no method known by which labor can produce better results than by putting it to what is called intensive culture; and as the secrets of intensive culture become more known, it becomes clear that if the state would only take the trouble to set aside a certain amount of land for the purpose, it could without further expense than that of the first installation make ablebodied unemployed and unemployables selfsupporting.this is not a question of fertility; it is simply a question of space.unfertile land is made fertile by intensive has been said that the paris gardener defies the soil and the climate.every truck gardener there stipulates in renting land that he may carry away his soil down to a certain depth, when he quits his tenancy.[171] in other words, soil is now a manufacture; we are no longer confined to fertile areas; we can make any area fertile by the application to it of industry and intelligence.municipalities can contribute enormously to the fertility of the land around them.a district near paris, called genevilliers, was a few years ago a desert tract of sand.the city poured over this tract the sewage of the city after a filtration that deprived it of its offensive features.this tract has become of fabulous fertility; but the municipality having failed to buy this land before this operation, the increased value of the land has accrued to the persons who happened to be the owners of it; whereas if the city had begun by purchasing the land at the price at which it could have been purchased before this operation, it would have had here a tract of enormous value that, by the farm colony system, would have greatly contributed to relieve the city of the burden of would seem as though the art of using manure were practically unknown in this country by the farmers.the results that can be obtained in this way are given in the farmers bulletin, no.242, where an intelligent use of manure resulted in crops of 6.7 tons of hay for every acre of cultivation;[172] and this not by the application of any extraordinary science, but simply by recognizing the obvious fact that manure must be spread daily and not allowed to lose most of its value from being piled into heaps, where it burns and degenerates.[173] the farm colony must be so organized that it furnishes work summer and its name implies, the colony is not confined to work on land.many skilled workmen would lose their skill if they were put to farm colonies, therefore, have a few industries established in each colony to which skilled workmen are put.this occupies unskilled inmates during the winter months when the weather is too inclement for out of door work, and also teaches them.moreover, in a selfsupporting farm colony there is work which can be done by the aged and the infirm, teaming, taking care of animals, plucking fruits and vegetables, preparing them for preserving, and all the small jobs that attend large housekeeping.the farm colony plan will in part relieve the state of the expense of oldage pensions.every industry will provide pensions for its own workers and thus the state will be relieved by the guilds; but there will always be some aged left unsupported by such private industries as will continue to exist by the side of the guilds.of these it may be expedient to relieve some in their own homes; but many will find in the free farm colony an abiding place more congenial to themselves than the almshouse, and far less expensive to the will be more congenial because there will be no more disgrace attending a free farm colony than any other state employment, and because it will be organized so as to render its work as agreeable as will never be so attractive as work outside the colony because it will be subject to the kind of regulations that attend all big institutions, so there is little fear of these colonies becoming larger than is good for the community.but it will be a home rather than an almshouse, and it will be less expensive to the state because of the work which even the aged can do.the farm colony furnishes a system by means of which the state can compel the unwilling, ablebodied tramp and pauper to earn his own livelihood; where it can afford work to the unemployed without cost to the state; and can utilize to the utmost possible the services of those who are not must not be imagined that discipline of a harsh character is necessary.there are in every one of these colonies in europe dark cells, where a man who will not work, or will not obey rules, is confined and kept on bread and water until he consents to work and to obey rules; and the very fact of the existence of these cells, and of this system, has been found sufficient to secure good work and obedience to rules without using the dark cells except under exceptional circumstances.the director of one of the dutch colonies told me that he did not use the dark cell once a year.there is no reason why the farm colony system should not be extended to the treatment of all crime except that we have prisons, prison managers, and a prison administration which stand in the way of radical prison reform; and the general stupidity which prefers the ills we have to the blessings which, obvious as they are, we have not imagination enough to comprehend.the folly of keeping an enormous population of criminals idle, within four walls, at an enormous expense to the community, when we could keep them busy to their great advantage, physical, intellectual, and moral, without a penny of cost to the community, is one of those things which future generations will find it difficult to believe.[174] in the coöperative commonwealth there will be no prisons, no penitentiaries, no almshouses, no tramps, no unemployed.there will be farm colonies of various grades, from those that have no discipline beyond that necessary to secure the observance of rules necessary to all institutional life, through those that have just enough discipline to keep lazy men at work, to those that have sufficient discipline to keep even criminals at work.for although it is obvious that under a coöperative commonwealth in which there is no necessity for exhausting any individual, no necessity for alcoholism or stimulation, no anxiety regarding the means of existence; where there is throughout a high standard of living, ease for the mind and abundance for the body, the production of the natural criminal ought to be immensely diminished, yet the occasional criminal will have to be provided for.for further study of the farm colony system as it has been developed in switzerland, and as it might be applied in the united states under existing conditions, the reader is referred to the elimination of the tramp.[175] it is hoped, however, that enough has been said regarding these colonies to enable us to consider the immense rôle which an intelligent classification of farm colonies would play, not only under existing conditions, but in the future coöperative commonwealth.a single farm colony for dealing with tramps as proposed in the bill now before the assembly of new york state would render an indispensable service by taking off the streets and highways the vagrants who, because they are now confounded with the unemployed, tend to confuse the mind of the public on this allimportant subject.but although such a colony, organized under the same conditions as the forced labor colony in switzerland, would render this service without cost to the state beyond that of first installation, its usefulness in the problem of production at large would be extremely small

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