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there must be a mighty deal of wealth buried there, that is certain. they say that once they were a flourishing fertile island, belonging to an earl godwin, whose name they now bear; it may be sothe sea retreats from one place while it advances at another. look at romney marshes, where so many thousands of sheep are now fed. they run up many miles inland; and yet formerly those very marshes were an arm of the sea, which vessels rode in deep water, and seafights, i am told, took place. howsomever, when the sea took the godwin island to itself it made the best trap for vessels that old neptune now possesses, and he may consider it as the most productive spot in his dominions. lord help us! what a deal of gold and merchandise must there be buried below yon yellow patch! do you never save anything when vessels are run on shore there? when they only tail on, we occasionally get them off again; but when once fixed, theres an end of it. yes, we save life occasionally, but at great risk of our own. i saved little bessy from a vessel ashore on these sands. indeed! pray tell me how it was. why, you see, tom, it was just at the breaking out of the war. it was in this very month of october, 93, that i was out in a galley with some others, looking for vessels. i had just then left off privateering, and got my warrant as pilot (for you know i did serve my prenticeship, before i went aprivateering, as i told you the other night). well, it was a blowing night, and we were running in for the downs, intending to beach the galley and sleep on shore, for we had been out five days, and only put a pilot on board of one vessel. we were just to windward of the sands, out there, where i am now pointing. the sea was very rough, but the night was clear, and the moon shone bright, when we saw a brig running down before the wind, under foresail and closereefed topsails. why, bill, as she steers shell be right between the callipers, said i to the man sitting by me. theres no mistake about that, replied he; lets haul the foresheet to windward, and lay to, to hail him; hes coming right down upon us. well, we did so, and we hailed some time without any answer. at last a man looked over the gunnel, just as she was flying past us, and told us in dutch to go to the devil. i think youll go there if you dont look sharp, replied bill. come, my lads, we may as well follow her, and see if we cannot prevent mischief. so we bore up after her, and hailed her several times, for we sailed very fast, and there was a scuffling on deck. i think that the captain was drunk. all this passed in less than five minutes; and then, as i knew would be the case, she struck on the sands, and with such force that all her masts went over the side immediately. now, the sea rolls awfully over the shallow water of those sands, tom. we had kept with her as far as we dared, and then hoveto about two cables lengths to windward of her, when she struck, for the ebb was still running strong under our lee, which only made the sea more cross and heavy. the waves made a clean breach over her, and we knew that she would go to pieces in less than halfanhour; but we did not like to leave so many to perish without a trial to save them. so we kept away, so as to get abreast of them, and then lowered our sails and got out our oars. we pulled close to them, but it was impossible to board. we should have been stove to pieces and swamped immediately. the moon still shone bright, and we saw them as plain as we could wish, and we made every attempt to save them, for they were all crowded together forward. once the sea drove the boat so close that we touched her sides, and then a woman pressed before the men, and reached over the gunnel, extending her arms which held the child, while several others attempted to get in; but the return of the wave carried us back so quick from the vessel that, as they attempted to jump in, they all went to the water, and never appeared again; but i had caught hold of the child, and laid it down in the sternsheets. we made a second and third attempt, but in vain. at last the vessel broke up, as it were, all at oncethere was one loud cry, and all was still, except the roaring and breaking waves which buried them. it wasnt a scene to make us very lively, tom; we hoisted the sail, and ran on to the beach in silence. i took the child in my armsit had been snatched out of its warm bed, poor thing, and had nothing on but a calico nightgown. i took it up to the cottage, which was then maddoxs (i bought it afterward of the widow with the money i made aprivateering), and i gave it in charge to mrs. maddox. i did intend to have sent it to the workhouse, or something of that sort; but mrs. maddox took a fancy to it, and so did i, and so i thought i would take care of it, and i christened it by the name of betsy godwin. [illustration: bramble saving bessy.marryat, vol. x., p. 237.] you have no idea who she may be? not a half one. her cotton gown and cap told nothing; the vessel was dutch, thats all i know. she may be the child of the stadtholder or the child of the ships cook. whats the matter? but did you notice any marks upon her person by which she might be reclaimed? not i. i only axed mrs

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