it was about a week after this that elsies grandfather handed her alet

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it was about a week after this that elsies grandfather handed her a letter directed to her in her fathers handwriting, and the little girl rushed away to her room with it, her heart beating wildly between hope and fear. her hand trembled so that she could scarcely tear it open, and her eyes were so dimmed with tears that it was some moments before she could read a line. it was kind, yes, even affectionate, and in some parts tender. but ah! it has brought no comfort to the little girl! else why does she finish with a burst of tears and sobs, and sinking upon her knees, hide her face in her hands, crying with a bitter, wailing cry, oh, papa! papa! papa! he told her of the estate he had purchased, and the improvements he had been making; of a suite of rooms he had had prepared and furnished expressly for her, close to his own apartmentsand of the pleasant home he hoped they would have there together, promising to dispense with a governess and teach her himself, for that he knew she would greatly prefer. he drew a bright picture of the peaceful, happy life they might lead; but finished by telling her that the condition was entire, unconditional submission on her part, and the alternative a boardingschool, at a distance from home and friends. he had, on separating her from her nurse, forbidden her to hold any communication with her, or even to ride in the direction of the oaksas his estate was calledand elsie had scrupulously obeyed him; but now he bade her go and see the lovely home and beautiful apartments he had prepared for her, and judge for herself of the happiness she might enjoy thereloved, and caressed, and taught by himand then decide. if she were ready to give up her wilfulness, he wrote, she might answer him immediately; and he would then return and their new home should receive them, and their new life begin at once. but if she were still inclined to be stubborn and rebellious, she must take a month to consider, ere he would receive her reply. ah! to little elsie it was a most enchanting picture he had drawn. to live in her fathers househis own home and hersto be his constant and loved companionto exchange miss days teaching for histo walk, to ride, to sit with himin a word, to live in the sunshine of his loveoh, it would be paradise upon earth! and then the alternative! oh, how dreadful seemed to the shrinking, sensitive child, the very thought of being sent away amongst entire strangers, who could not be expected to care for her, or love her; who would have no sympathy with her highest hopes and desires, and instead of assisting her to walk in the narrow way, would strive to turn her feet aside into the paths of worldly conformity and sin: for, alas! she well knew it was only to the care of such persons her father would be likely to commit her, wishing, as he did, to root out of her mind what he was pleased to call the narrow prejudices of her unfortunate early training. poor child! she shrank from it in terror and dismay. but should she choose that which her poor, hungry heart so yearned forthe home with her fathershe must pledge herself to take as her rule of faith and practice, _not_ gods holy word, which had hitherto been her guidebook, but her fathers wishes and commands, which she well knew would often be entirely opposed to its teachings. it was indeed a hard choice; but elsie could not hesitate where the path of duty was so plain. she seemed to hear a voice saying to her: this is the way, walk ye in it. we ought to obey god rather than men. ah! she murmured, i _cannot_ do this great wickedness and sin against god, for if my earthly fathers frown is so dreadful, so _very_ hard to bear, how much worse would be my heavenly fathers? but, oh, that boardingschool! how can i ever endure its trials and temptations? i am so weak and sinful! ah! if papa would but spare me this trialif he would only let me stay at homebut he will notfor he has _said_ i must go, and never breaks his word; and again her tears fell fast, but she dashed them away and took up her bible. it opened at the fiftieth chapter of isaiah, and her eye fell upon these words: for the lord god will help me: therefore shall i not be confounded: therefore have i set my face like a flint, and i know that i shall not be ashamed. who is among you that feareth the lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the lord, and stay upon his god. ah! here was comfort. the lord god will help me! she repeated; and bowing her face over the holy book she gave thanks for the precious promise, and earnestly, tearfully pleaded that it might be fulfilled unto her. then rising from her knees, she bathed her eyes and rang for fanny to prepare her for her ride. it was the usual hour for it, her horse was already at the door, and very soon the little girl might have been seen galloping up the road towards the oaks, quite alone, excepting that jim, her constant attendant, rode some yards in the rear. it was a pleasant summer morning; there had been just rain enough the night before to cool the air and lay the dust, and everything was looking fresh and beautifuland had the little elsies heart been as light and free from care as would have seemed natural to one of her age, she would no doubt have enjoyed her ride extremely. it was but a short one, and the place well known to her, for she had often passed it, though she had never yet been in the grounds. in a few moments she reached the gate, and jim having dismounted and opened it for her, she rode leisurely up a broad, gravelled carriageway, which wound about through the grounds, giving the traveller a number of beautiful views ere he reached the house, a large building of darkgray stone, which stood so far back, and was so entirely hidden by trees and shrubbery, as to be quite invisible from the highway. now the road was shaded on either hand by large trees, their branches almost meeting overhead, and anon, an opening in their ranks afforded a glimpse of some charming little valley, some sequestered nook amongst the hills, some grassy meadow, or field of golden wheat, or a faroff view of the sea. oh, how lovely! murmured the little girl, dropping the reins on her horses neck and gazing about her with eyes now sparkling with pleasure, now dimmed with tears; for, alas! these lovely scenes were not for her; at least not now, and it might be, never; and her heart was very sad. at length she reached the house. chloe met her at the door, and clasped her to her bosom with tears of joy and thankfulness. bless de lord for his goodness in sendin my chile back to her ole mammy again, she said; ise so glad, darlin, so berry glad! and as she spoke she drew the little girl into a pleasant room, fitted up with books and pictures, couches and easychairs and tables, with every convenience for writing, drawing, etc. dis am massa horaces study, she said, in answer to the eager, inquiring glance elsie sent round the room, while she removed her hat and habit, and seated her in one of the softlycushioned chairs; an de next room is your own little sittin room, an jes de prettiest ever was seen, your ole mammy tinks; and now dat shes got her chile back again shell be as happy as de day am long. oh, mammy, sobbed the child, i am not to stay. chloes look of delight changed to one of blank dismay. but you are comin soon, darlin? she said inquiringly. i tink massa horace tends to be here fore long, sartain, kase hes had de whole house fixed up so fine; an ise sure he never take so much trouble, an spend such loads ob money fixin up such pretty rooms for you, ef he didnt love you dearly, an tend to have you here long with himself. elsie shook her head sorrowfully. no, mammy, he says not unless i give up my wilfulness, and promise to do exactly as he bids me; and if i will not do that, i am to be sent away to boardingschool. the last words came with a great sob, as she flung herself into chloes outstretched arms, and hid her face on her bosom. poor darlin! poor little pet! murmured the nurse, hugging her tight, while her own tears fell in great drops on the golden curls. i thought your troubles were all over. i sposed massa horace had found out you wasnt bad after all, an was comin right home to live with you in dis beautiful place. but dere, dont, dont you go for to break your little heart bout it, dear; ise sure de good lord make um all come right in de end. elsie made no reply, and for a little while they mingled their tears in silence. then she raised her head, and gently releasing herself from chloes embrace, said, now, mammy, i must go all about and see everything, for that was papas command. chloe silently led the way through halls, parlors, drawingroom, library, dining, sitting and bedrooms, servants apartments, kitchen, pantry, and all; then out into the grounds, visiting in turn vegetable and flower gardens, lawn, hothouses and grapery; and finally, bringing the little girl back to her papas study, she led her from there into his bedroom and dressingroom, and then to her own apartments, which she had reserved to the last. these were threebedroom, sittingroom, and dressingroomall beautifully furnished with every comfort and convenience. elsie had gazed on all with a yearning heart, and eyes constantly swimming in tears. ah! mammy, she exclaimed more than once, what a lovely, _lovely_ home! how happy we might be here! the sight of her fathers rooms and her own affected her the most, and the tears fell fast as she passed slowly from one to another. her own little sittingroom was the last; and here sinking down in an easychair, she gazed about her silently and tearfully. on one side the windows looked out upon a beautiful flowergarden, while beyond were hills and woods; on the other, glass doors opened out upon a grassy lawn, shaded by large trees, and beyond, far away in the distance, rolled the blue sea; all around her she saw the evidences of a fathers thoughtful love; a beautiful piano, a harp, a small worktable, well furnished with every requisite; books, drawing materialseverything to give pleasure and employment; while luxurious couches and easychairs invited to rest and repose

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