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can you not write to him, edward, and describe the state she is in, and beg him, if he will not come home, at least to permit us to take her to ion for a few weeks? she asked, laying her hand on his arm. i will do so, mother, if you think it best, mr. travilla replied; but i think i know horace dinsmore better than you do, and that such a proceeding would do more harm than good. he is very jealous of anything that looks like interference, especially between him and his child, and i fear it would only irritate him, and make him, if possible, still more determined. were i asked to describe his character in a few words, i should say he is a man of indomitable will. well, my son, perhaps you are right, said his mother, heaving a deep sigh; and if so, i can see nothing more we can do but pray for the little girl. mrs. travilla was right in thinking that her visit had done elsie good; it had roused her out of the torpor of grief into which she had sunk; it had raised her from the depths of despair, and shown her the beacon light of hope still shining in the distance. this last blow had come with such crushing weight that there had seemed to be no room left in her heart for a thought of comfort; but now her kind friend had reminded her of the precious promises, and the tender love that were still hers; love far exceeding that of any earthly parentlove that was able even to bring light out of all this thick darkness; love which was guiding and controlling all the events of her life, and would never allow her to suffer one unnecessary pang, but would remove the trial as soon as its needed work was done; and she was now no longer altogether comfortless. when mrs. travilla had left, she took up her biblethat precious little volume, her neverfailing comforterand in turning over its leaves her eye fell upon these words: unto you it is given in the behalf of christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake. they sent a thrill of joy to her heart; for was not _she_ suffering for _his_ sake? was it not because she loved him too well to disobey his commands, even to please her dearly beloved earthly father, that she was thus deprived of one privilege, and one comfort after another, and subjected to trials that wrung her very heart? yes, it was because she loved jesus. she was bearing suffering for his dear sake, and here she was taught that even to be permitted to _suffer_ for him, was a privilege. and she remembered, too, that in another place it is written: if we _suffer_, we shall also reign with him. ah! those are tears of joy and thankfulness that are falling now. she has grown calm and peaceful, even happy, for the time, in the midst of all her sorrow. chapter ix. heaven oft in mercy smites, een when the blow severest is. joanna baillies orra. the heart knoweth his own bitterness. prov. 14:10. but only a few days after mrs. travillas visit, an event occurred, which, by exciting elsies sympathy for the sorrows of another, and thus preventing her from dwelling so constantly upon her own, was of great benefit to her. adelaide received a letter bringing tidings of the death of one who had been very dear to her. the blow was very suddenentirely unexpectedand the poor girl was overwhelmed with grief, made all the harder to endure by the want of sympathy in her family. her parents had indeed given their consent to the contemplated union, but because the gentleman, though honorable, intelligent, educated and talented, was neither rich nor highborn, they had never very heartily approved of the connection, and were evidently rather relieved than afflicted by his death. elsie was the only one who really felt deeply for her aunt; and her silent, unobtrusive sympathy was very grateful. the little girl seemed almost to forget her own sorrows, for the time, in trying to relieve those of her bereaved aunt. elsie knewand this made her sympathy far deeper and more heartfeltthat adelaide had no consolation in her sore distress, but such miserable comfort as may be found in the things of earth. she had no compassionate saviour to whom to carry her sorrows, but must bear them all alone; and while elsie was permitted to walk in the light of his countenance, and to her ear there ever came the soft whispers of his lovefear not: thou art mine_i_ have loved thee with an _everlasting_ love_i_ will _never_ leave thee nor forsake thee, to adelaide all was darkness and silence. at first elsies sympathy was shown in various little kind offices; sitting for hours beside her aunts couch, gently fanning her, handing her a drink of cold water, bringing her sweetscented flowers, and anticipating every want. but at last she ventured to speak. dear aunt adelaide, she whispered, i am so sorry for you. i wish i knew how to comfort you. oh, elsie! sobbed the mourner, there is no comfort for me, i have lost my dearest treasuremy alland no one cares. dear aunt adelaide, replied the child timidly, it is true i am only a little girl, but i do care very much for your grief; and surely your papa and mamma are very sorry for you. adelaide shook her head mournfully. they are more glad than sorry, she said, bursting into tears. well, dear aunty, said elsie softly, there is one who does feel for you, and who is able to comfort you if you will only go to him. one who loved you so well that he died to save you. no, no, elsie! not me! he cannot care for me! he cannot love me, or he would never have taken away my ernest, she sobbed. dear aunt adelaide, said elsies low, sweet voice, we cannot always tell what is best for us, and will make us happiest in the end. i remember once when i was a very little child, i was walking with mammy in a part of my guardians grounds where we seldom went. i was running on before her, and i found a bush with some most beautiful red berries; they looked delicious, and i hastily gathered some, and was just putting them to my mouth when mammy, seeing what i was about, suddenly sprang forward, snatched them out of my hand, threw them on the ground, and tramped upon them; and then tearing up the bushes treated them in the same manner, while i stood by crying and calling her a naughty, cross mammy, to take my nice berries from me. well, asked adelaide, as the little girl paused in her narrative, what do you mean by your story? you havent finished it, but, of course, the berries were poisonous. yes, said elsie; and mammy was wiser than i, and knew that what i so earnestly coveted would do me great injury. and now for the application, said adelaide, interrupting her; you mean that just as mammy was wiser than you, and took your treasure from you in kindness, so god is wise and kind in taking mine from me; but ah! elsie, the analogy will not hold good; for my good, wise, kind ernest could never have harmed me as the poisonous berries would you. no, no, no, he always did me good! she cried with a passionate burst of grief. elsie waited until she grew calm again, and then said gently, the bible says, dear aunty, that god does not willingly afflict nor grieve the children of men

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