the santa ynez mission has a situation of unusual

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the santa ynez mission has a situation of unusual stands on a tableland with a circle of mountains behind it, and at its left a low green valley stretching away into the distance.a danish settlement of neat new houses of modern type faces the old mission.the church has been restored, and ten years of loving care have been bestowed upon it by the present priest and his niece.the choice old vestments have been mended with extreme care.the ladies of the spanish court are said to have furnished the rich brocades for these vestments, which were sent on from spain and made up at the is an ancient custom for the indians to wash the handwoven linen vestments, a custom they still observe.the walls of santa ynez are about seven feet thick, and the mission was some thirteen years in building.roses climb over the cloisters, and the whole mission is very attractive.from the mission we drive over the gaviota (seagull) pass, the mountain road being rough, narrow, and very picturesque.fine old live oaks and white oaks grow on the rough one approaches the little seaside station of gaviota the rocks are very grand.suddenly we come upon the sea, and the blue waters that are part of the charm of santa barbara stretch before us.the scenery from gaviota to santa barbara is one of the finest stretches along the entire coast.three misty islands are to be seen off the coast, set in an azure sea.they belong to the santa barbara group; anacapa, santa cruz, santa rosa, and san one approaches santa barbara one sees farmhouses in the midst of lovely farming country on points jutting into the sea and commanding exquisite views of the water.the last ten miles before reaching santa barbara we drive through an unbroken stretch of english walnut orchards, the trees carefully pruned and in admirable condition.we have come through the rolling pastures and grain fields of sonoma valley, through the fruit orchards of napa valley and santa clara valley, through the unbroken grain fields of salinas valley and lockwoods valley, and through the diversified cultivation of the valley around los olivos; and now we are driving into famous santa barbara through ten miles of walnut groves, gardenlike in their cultivation.reaching santa barbara, we have tea at the studio tea room, which utilizes for its purpose a famous old spanish residence.we then establish ourselves at the upham, and a very pleasant hotel we find it.for those who wish a larger and more fashionable inn there are the beautiful arlington hotel, with its fascinating, tiny models of the historic caravels _san salvador_ and _vittoria_ upon the gate posts at its entrance; and the potter, by the sea.santa barbara lies in a pocket valley with the red brown santa ynez mountains rising behind it and the sea in front of it.some of the most beautiful residences are at the north of the town in the foothills.italian sunshine, italian softness of climate, the enchanting colors of the hills, the blue of the sea, charming drives and walks, all these are to be had at santa barbara; and there is the mission with its old church and the dignified priests of its brotherhood.fine trees stand in the beautiful enclosed garden of the mission, where five thousand indians are buried.four miles south of santa barbara are montecito valley and the delightful miramar hotel on the sea.a very pleasant suburban colony is grouped around the hotel.the hotel itself has within its grounds its own roseembowered may live in a bungalow and have ones own fireside, ones own sitting room and bed chamber, ones own rosecovered porch, ones own home life, and go into the hotel only for meals and for sociabilitys is an ideal winter life for those who wish all the orderly, luxurious comfort of a well managed inn, together with the privacy of home life in a rose cottage.we drove through lovely little montecito valley, catching glimpses of fine houses rising against a picturesque mountain background, some in the mission style of architecture, some in italian and some in spanish style.the lawns of one estate were surrounded by long hedges of pink roses.we turned south through toro valley where i recall a most beautiful hillside olive orchard, the trees being planted on the slope sheltered from the sea and facing the mountains.they were as beautiful in their fresh greygreenness as any olive orchard that we saw in all california.leaving miramar we drove on along the coast to ventura, the road running by the sea and in some places on long platforms built out over the ventura we turned west and came to nordhoff, the bridge being down on the casitas pass.we had a somewhat lonely evening drive through a green fruited valley from ventura to nordhoff, and reached our hostel, the pierpont cottages, a few miles from nordhoff, late in the evening.we were more than ready for supper and for rest in a lovely private cottage, through whose open casement long sprays of pink roses climbed in.the morning revealed to us the rare beauties of the secluded ojai valley, in whose foothills stand the pierpont inn and cottages, 1000 feet above sea would be hard to exaggerate the charm and beauty of the ojai valley for those who like its type of scenery.a magnificent wall of stone mountain, whose colors run into greys, pinks, lavenders, and yellows, forms the eastern boundary of the valley.on its level floor are luxuriant in warm protection grow the fig, the olive, the orange, and the lemon.the beautiful matilija poppies grow in great luxuriance here, their tall greygreen stalks and white crape petals with golden hearts being very effective.i had seen the matilija poppies for the first time growing in the gardens of santa barbara.i now saw them growing wild on the slopes of the ojai valley foothills.above the pierpont cottages are the buildings of a famous boys school high in the foothills.for those who love warmth and glowing color, long tramps and long horseback rides into the mountain defiles above the valley, the ojai is an ideal place to spend a charméd winter.we came away in the morning light, driving across the valley to the main road and ascending a steep hill to the upper ojai road

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