monterey bay is the home of the abalone and it has

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monterey bay is the home of the abalone and it has been so ruthlessly fished for that new laws have had to be made to protect it.the big, soft creature, as large as a tea plate, fastens itself to rocks and other surfaces, its one shell protecting it from above.the diver slips under it his iron spatula, and by a quick and skillful twist detaches it from its firm anchorage.abalone soup has a delicate flavor, really superior to clam soup.both the exterior and the lining of the abalone shell have most exquisite coloring and are capable of a high the lining of the shell there is often found the beautiful blister or abalone pearl, formed by the same process as the oyster pearl, the animal throwing out a secretion at the point where it is irritated.the result is a blister on the smooth lining of the shell which when cut out and polished shows beautiful coloring, ranging from satiny yellow to changing greens.we spent an hour in wandering about the canning factory, looking over heaps of castoff shells, admiring their beautiful lining, and choosing some to carry with us across country to a far distant home.that many of the shells had had marketable blisters was shown by little squares cut in the lining.another drive was that across salinas valley, through the bright and prosperous town of salinas, up the steep san juan grade, where one may eat luncheon on a green slope commanding a lovely view, and down into the little old town of san juan, where stands the mission of san juan baptista, with its long cloisters still to the mission is an open square which is said to have been the scene of bull fights in the old spanish days.[illustration: 1.spanish governors house at san juan.2.san juan batista mission.] a day was spent in driving over the salinas road and the rancho del monte road, on through a lovely valley, up over the mountain along a shelflike road, and down into carmel valley; then along another mountain road by a stream, and up again to the lush meadows of a private ranch twelve hundred feet above the sea.we left the car at the foot of the hill and drove in a farm wagon to the ranch house.we visited the vineyard on a sunny slope back of the house, so sheltered that grapes grow by the ton.we climbed into heavy mexican saddles, ornately stamped, with high pommel and back, and rode astride sturdy horses over steep rounding hills through thick grass to view points where we could look down on carmel valley and off to the silvery we retraced our journey in the afternoon sunlight, a bobcat came out from the forest and trotted calmly ahead of us.a beautiful deer ran along the stream, his ears moving with alarm, his eyes watching us with fear and wonder.a great snake lay curled in the middle of the road and we ran over him before we really saw him.he made a feeble attempt to coil, but the heavy machine finished him.he was only a harmless ring snake, whose good office it is to kill the gophers that destroy the fruit trees, so we were sorry we had ended his useful career.he was the first of many snakes that we killed in california.sometimes they lay straight across our road; sometimes they were stretched out in the ruts of the road and our wheels went over them before we could possibly see them; sometimes they made frantic efforts, often successful, to escape our machine; we always gave them a fighting seemed that we would never tear ourselves away from the monterey peninsula.we wandered through the beautiful grounds of the hotel del monte with their ancient live oaks.we walked and mused along the streets of monterey, where robert louis stevenson once walked and mused.we rejoiced in the sight of a lovely old spanish house at the head of polk street, carefully kept up by its present owner.we saw the sherman rose cottage, the old home of shermans spanish love, and the shermanhalleck quarters, and the old hall of records.we stopped to gaze at old adobe dwelling houses, some with thick walls roofed with tile around their yards; some with second floor galleries, supported by plain, slender wooden posts, roses clambering over them.we visited the san carlos mission on the edge of the town.unlike the deserted little church at carmel, san carlos is in excellent repair, perfectly kept and in constant use.there they show you some of the old vestments said to be father serras own.there you may see his silver mass cards, with their latin inscriptions engraved upon the upright silver plate, reading: in the beginning was the word, etc.the same beaten silver water bucket which father serra used for holy water is today used by the incumbent priest.on the walls are the adoring angels which father serra taught the indians to of the special treasures of the mission is father serras beautiful beaten gold chalice, a consecrated vessel touched only by the priests.back of the church is kept as a precious possession the stump of the old oak tree under which father serra celebrated his first mass and took possession of california in the name of spain.the spot where the oak tree stood, on the highway between monterey and pacific grove, is marked by a modest stone just below presidio hill.we browsed about the curio and gift shops of monterey, and the lame ducks exchange of pacific grove.we saw asilomar (retreatbythesea), the fine conference grounds of the young womens christian associations of the pacific coast, whose commodious assembly and living halls are the gift of mrs.phoebe hearst.we learned the delicious flavor, on many picnics, of the california ripe might be dubious about the satisfying quality of omar khayams bottle of wine and loaf of bread underneath the bough.but with the loaf of bread and plenty of california olives one could be perfectly content.i could have a feast of lucullus any day in california on abalone soup, with its delicate sea flavor, bread, and olives.chapter iii ah well! one cannot stay forever on the monterey peninsula to hear the sighing of the wind in the pines and the lapping of the waves on the cannot take the seventeen mile drive day after day to see the windtwisted cypresses, to come upon the lovely curve of carmel bay, and to look down from the high drive upon the bay and town of monterey far below, for all the world like a riviera scene

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