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louis, cried he, i come to trust you.louis caught the hand which was extended to him, and pressed it to his lips.i come to trust you, said he, but not as i see you expect; i come to call again upon your faith, to fulfil the whole of this affair, while you must yet remain ignorant of its particular purpose; to _trust in your honour_, that you will not further doubt the integrity of the man on whom your father has conferred confidence without reserve.his interests and mine are united, never to be separated in this world: we rise, or we fall redden louis! but i do not trifle with is possible that accident, if not design, may betray a scheme of such important bearings; and i will not leave it in the power of malice to accuse the son of baron de ripperda of treachery, or of imprudence in such a recent conduct, replied he, gives you no reliance on my prudence; and you believe me unworthy of fuller, louis,that i still hold you in ignorance, is a greater proof of my dependence on your fidelity, than if i bound your personal interests with your honour, by unfolding to you any part of the glorious plan on which you are employed.your oath ties your conscience to the fulfilment of your duty, but i want your freewill.i want, what i thought i had.the open eye of faith in the virtue of your cause,the forward hand of zealous devotedness in the execution.give me your mind, louis, and i shall no longer see that changing cheek and languid frame? zeal is life.again i pledge myself, returned he, i will be all you require, only trust me! then with a sudden paleness displacing the flush of resolution, and with a forced smile, he added, i know i must prove my sincerity by a victim; and i yield a dear one.i will not see the duke of wharton, till you or my father grant me that see him, replied the sieur, resuming his usual austerity, it is probable you may one day have perfect liberty, but never to cultivate his he is the enemy of your father.o, noi have reason to believe he would gladly make my father his friend.the moment this had escaped him, louis could have plucked his tongue out for having uttered so inconsiderate a speech; so much did he fear that ignatius would immediately demand what was that reason.but for once, the sagacious politician lost an opportunity of acquiring information respecting the views of a rival.absorbed in the haughty consciousness of his own preeminence, he did not put the dreaded question, but with a scornful motion of his lips, replied.i doubt it not.but philip wharton would purchase without gold.he may defraud, but he cannot bestow.i do not understand you, sir? future events will speak plainly, returned the sieur, and meanwhile, i rely on your engagement to avoid him.louis smothered an indignant rising in his bosom, and without answering, bowed his head in ratification of his promise.ignatius turned to the table, and gathering up the manuscripts prepared for him, told his now silent companion, that he need not resume his labours till he had taken the air on the terrace.but, added he, you must not forget that for every day, until i direct otherwise, the garden is your utmost limits.i shall not wish to extend them, replied louis, with a resigned but lofty bow, and the sieur left the room.with his expanding heart again closed by the repulsive demeanor of his governor, louis saw him depart.a feeling of complete desolation spread over his soul.without having found comfort in his presence, he felt a more dreary loneliness when he was gone, as the hope of winning at all on his unbending nature, seemed utterly at an end.he had tried it, by anticipating what he knew would be exacted, the resignation of his friend.but ignatius had received the sacrifice, not merely without sensibility, but with the most unsparing remarks.the tender care with which all his good dispositions had been fostered by the secluded guardians of his youth, made him doubly feel how sterile is the communion of the world.interest may bind man to man, and extort the convenience of virtue; but affection is not there, to nourish or to reward its growth.misjudging ignatius! he demands my mind, when he might have my heart! i would love him, but he will not let vain i watched for another of those smiles; the first, i hailed on my arrival as an earnest of a gracious master! and the second, which greeted me today, as a pledge of forgiveness of my yesterdays impatience, how soon was it displaced by the hard aspect of despotic command! but i deserve it, exclaimed he, did not my humiliation, at having so frantically rebelled, vanish as soon? i was even on the point of a second violence, had not some good angel stilled the tumult in my breast.having walked his dismal apartment some time, continuing the same soliloquy, he threw himself into a chair to compose his mind, and to confirm it.he arraigned himself for the weakness of his present discontents, and summoned his best reason to the forming a steady resolution of pursuing his duty upon the principle of enduring as well as acting.he reviewed the past and the present with an impartial eye; and where he saw he failed, condemned himself with an inexorable this hours communing with himself, he found how different is the real from the imaginary contest; how wise is speculation, how absurd practice; how easy profession, how difficult performance; and that of all conquests, that of reason over a refractory heart, is the hardest to acquire.after these humbling reflections, he walked forth a victor, though a wounded one, to cheer himself with the glories of the setting sun.its reclining orb had never failed to recall the compact which his heart had made, when he beheld it for the last time on the verge of his native hills.but this evening, its mild religious light, gradually withdrawing into the clouds, as the golden disk sunk beneath the earth, reminded him so touchedly of the venerable saint whose emblem he had called it, that he could not forbear exclaiming, yes, my revered uncle! those pious hands shall not always be raised in vain.i trust, that henceforth i shall do my duty in a manner more befitting the character you fondly believed mine; but on which, recent experience has too repeatedly shewn me, how slight ought to have been my dependance.for your sake, dear instructor of my youth! i will do all, and be all, that is required of me.i will forget your graciousness, that, in this land of severity, i may act worthy of your hopes._they who led me away captive, require of me a song, and melody in my heaviness_! and, for thine honour, gentlest of human beings, i will _take my harp from the willows_, and be as happy as this stubborn heart will let me.for several succeeding weeks, louis steadily obeyed the law he had enjoined himself.the exasperation of his mind gradually subsided; his awakened sensibilities sunk to repose; and he concentrated his thoughts as much as possible upon his unchanging toil

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