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the sight of this agitation only stimulated the curiosity of ignatius, or, whatever else it was that impelled him to persecute his unoffending charge to such a point of distress.he have gone too far, to be silent now, i can comprehend, that certain phrases in this enigmatical epistle, refer to former conferences with you.brutus and cassius are not usually masquing names in affairs of gallantry, therefore, the nature of your mutual confidence i can guess; and it is necessary for your own, as well as the dukes honour, that you should tell me their object.sir, said louis, i have already done too much for my own honour.the dukes can never be injured by any thing i can say or withhold.and, i will mention his name no more.young man, said ignatius, you must not add obstinacy to have allowed yourself to be made privy to the schemes of a man who is suspected by his country! be aware, that to conceal treason, is to share it.louis did not speak.the sieur continued: besides, you are answerable to your country, and to your father, who has devoted you with himself, to her interests, to reveal to him, as to your confessor, every event of your life.much more, then, a circumstance like this.for, on your fathers intimate acquaintance with every political device which could possibly disturb europe, depends his guiding to perfection the mighty machine he is now constructing to give peace to the world.hence, the glory of your father, as well as your vow to spain, commands you to bend all minor considerations to the great duty of your life; and to confide to him, through me, every confidence of a political nature which has passed between you and the duke of wharton.the glory of my father, replied louis, can never be augmented by his sons faithlessness.and could spain require such a proof of my attachment to her, the law of god, which is the everlasting appeal from all human ordinances, would sanction me in abjuring my vow! you grant that wharton has engaged your faithfulness! a secret implied, is a secret revealed; and further withholding a full acknowledgement, is finesse with me, and irreverence to your father.the duke left vienna a few weeks ago, secretly, and i have reason to believe, you could guess whither he is gone? sir, answered louis, i neither say, nor do not say, that i have been honoured with any confidence whatever, by the duke of wharton; but i repeat, that neither to my father, nor to any man living, do i think it necessary to betray a trust in me.therefore, as i cannot repeat discourses i have never heard, and will not repeat discourses confided to me; you cannot be surprized that i hold my inconsideration, to give it the mildest appellation, has gone far enough, in shewing duke whartons letter, however indifferent its subject, without his permission.the sieur fixed his investigating eye upon the determined brow of his pupil.louis de montemar, cried he, you have imprudence enough in your composition to ruin a state; and sufficient stubbornness of what you call honour, to ensure your own destruction.if you do not mean to relax the one, you must learn to confirm your mind against the wild influence of the other.act less from passion, and more from wary of friend, as well as foe; and never speak from your heart, till your words have paused in your head, to take the judgment of your circumspection.had you shewn this letter to one less interested in your welfare, than your fathers friend, the suspicion its style would have awakened, might have wrought consequences ruinous to the duke, and not much less full of evil to yourself.i shall now drop the subject for ever, because i see that you will not neglect its lesson.with the gratitude of one escaped from a snare, into which he thought he had desperately, and therefore blameably rushed, louis took the letter, which the sieur presented to him.his ingenuous cheek flushed with displeasure at himself for having been beguiled, rather than at the subtle trier of his wariness; and respectfully, though silently, he bowed his head to his unanswerable monitor.ignatius fell immediately into his usual abstracted mood, and soon after left the room.chap.iii.three days after this discussion, louis had just seated himself at his morning task, when he heard a knock at the chamber door.this was an unusual circumstance, for gerard never approached with such signal, but at the hours when his stroke was to announce the frugal repast in the adjoining apartment.the sieur always entered with his own key; and this was a time of the day he never visited the chateau.louis thought it could be no summons to him, and that probably gerard had accidentally occasioned the noise in passing.but in another minute, he heard a second knock, louder than the former.he then rose to see what it was, and to his surprise beheld castanos; whom he had not seen, or heard of, since his departure with the dispatches for spain.hoping to hear news of his father; and that his letter to don ferdinand had reached him in safety; louis eagerly bade him welcome from madrid.with a deepened gloom on his always sullen countenance, castanos roughly interrupted him.i am sent to tell you, senor, that the sieur ignatius is at the point of death.impossible! cried louis, he was not here yesterday; but i saw him the evening before, in perfect health.last night he was stabbed in the porch of the jesuits college, returned castanos.louiss tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, as grasping the arm of his unfeeling informant, he seemed to demand, who had done it? for once in his life, the morose spaniard suffered his halfclosed eyes to look directly on the face of a fellowcreature.he was not insensible to the horror depicted on louis, and in more humane accents replied villains waylaid him in the porch at the outer gate of the college, where he always quits his carriage.they closed on him: but he struggled, and drew his dagger.the business, however, was soon over; for the stroke of some heavy weapon felled him to the ground; and while he lay insensible, to make sure work, they stabbed him, and fled.but the drawn blood did a service not recovered my lord ignatius from his swoon; and he managed to stagger to the gate, and gain admittance.when i was sent for to his chamber, which was not till this morning, i found surgeons and a priest with him; and they declare his wounds dangerous.and am i not to see him? cried louis, forgetting his hard taskmaster, in the image of a fellowcreature dying by murder; that fellowcreature was his fathers friend; and he repeated, may i not go to him? i came to bring you to him, replied castanos

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