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as compared with several years ago, there was an increase in both the gross and the net cost.there is absolutely no contact between the workers of the several trade departments, for all save the bakers work behind locked doors, whose small windows only the officials may approach.the work, too, is strenuous in the full meaning of that hackneyed word.every man literally works ever in his taskmasters eye; and not only so, but he must complete each day the task which is allotted to him.according to his capacity, and the character of his employment, a fixed _pensum_ is required of him, and unless this is done there is a penalty to pay; while, on the other hand, to the industrious, who exceed the inevitable minimum of effort and output, a small reward is offered.the latter only ranges from a farthing to a penny a day, though by the accretions of a year it may grow into a sum which proves a welcome help to a man on his discharge.this accumulating bonus is, as a rule, kept intact until the time of discharge comes, when it is handed to the police authority of the place to which the man elects to go, to be paid to him in instalments or otherwise used advantageously on his behalf.the womens department does not need particular is conducted quite independently of the mens, though, of course, under the same higher officials, and its inmates are put to occupations suitable to their capacity and strength, not a small part of their time naturally being taken up by the domestic, culinary, and other indoor work inseparable from so large an this department are found many members of a class which is one of the saddest excrescences of our modern urban life.these women of evil profession are, as a rule, detained in the labour house for six months after the expiration of their gaol sentence.on discharge they are sent to their legal domicile if without fixed home or regular means of subsistence, but if they cannot establish a legal settlement they are handed over to the poor law may be noted, however, that germany does not as yet go as far as certain cantons of democratic switzerland in the restraint of those single women of known moral weakness, so well known to english poor law workers, whose periodical visits to the workhouse imply an ever increasing burden on the public funds.such persons the berne poor law authorities, for example, keep under duress indefinitely without the slightest misgiving that the sacred principle of individual liberty, in whose misused name so many wrongs to society and the commonwealth are committed, is being germany, as in england, these persons may, indeed, come under the restraining influence of the poor law when physically or intellectually defective, but for the rest the only power of detention resides in the penal provisions applicable, as above shown, to females found guilty of professional solicitation, a class to which most of the moral breakages which find their way into the womens wards of our own workhouses do not in the least belong.formal prison discipline is enforced in the labour house at benninghausen as in others.possibly the purple patches of relaxation which variegate the lives of the inmates are too few and too far, however, the german authorities doubtless act according to the teaching of experience, and no one will doubt that a theorywhether satisfactory or notlies at the basis of their practice.sunday is, of course, a free day, and the high festivals of the church are observed by the prisoners of both confessions and of none.then a great quiet falls upon this house of clothes become the order of the day, even to the soft round cap which covers the closecropped head, and as often as the churchgoing bell sounds, the inmates are led to and from religious service.for the rest the time is divided between workshop, bed, and boardand unless the rules are scrupulously observed there is a good deal of board about the goes without saying that the men are treated humanely and justly, but of indulgence there is no pretence, and i confess that as this aspect of labour house discipline created upon my mind its own clear and vivid impression, i recalled that saying of prince bismarck, when he laid down the law of courtesy, politeness even to the murderer, but hang him all the same.i do not, however, presume to criticise the _régime_ followed; may be it is the best for the people who pass beneath is the serious side of life, rather than its levities and _insouciance_, which they need specially to know.why should the tramp have all the ease and the honest worker all the hardships of life? it sounds like the refinement of cruelty, but in this land of gargantuan smokers not only is the consoling companionship of tobacco forbidden to the mass of prisoners, but even the cigar makers themselves fall under the general ban, and may not test the result of their own deft handiwork.severe punishment is very seldom necessary, and benninghausen does not possess the provision for treating acts of extreme misdemeanour which is to be found in some other german labour houses.arrest in various grades is the worst penalty awarded.that means imprisonment in a dark cell, with bare boards for a bed and bread and water for diet.even here, however, every fourth day brings respite and is, for that reason, known as a good day (_guter tag_), for on it the prisoner may again, for one brief space, taste the joy of his accustomed straw pallet, while, to comfort or to tantalise him, he is also given warm food.but it is a fugitive bliss, for next day the pallet goes and warm food with it, and the erring one sleeps again on the floor and quenches his thirst at the water tap.a short time before my visit eight or ten of the incorrigible young fosterchildren of whom i have spoken had escaped from the labour house while returning from church.a hue and cry was promptly raised, and in a couple of hours they were recaptured.they were birched for their escapade, for under the law referred to above the parental authority is transferred to the public foster parents, even to the extent of the right to inflict due bodily chastisement.with such exceptions, corporal punishment is unknown in the labour house.the punishment for the loafer, the idler, and the tramp is hard work, and about its genuineness there can be no doubt whatever.but what would you otherwise? it is work which these men need, and want of it which has been their undoing.look at it in that way.the labour house is in effect a continuation it the hapless sons of the commonwealth who have failed to learn the lesson of industry in their early years are enabled to make good this important deficiency in their is also coercive.just as germany applies compulsion in the instruction of adults who have failed to master their rs betimes, so it applies compulsion in imparting to the thriftless and shiftless members of society the spirit and habit of orderliness, industry, and one who has been inside a tramp prison can fail to detect the beneficial influence of rigid discipline upon the physique and bearing of these tramps and loafers of yesterday and the day was hard to believe that the gangs of smartlooking men, who briskly deployed in the quadrangle in their clattering wooden shoes, were members of the same slouching brotherhood whose favourite haunt is the kings little scene, enacted all in a moment before my eyes, would have done credit to a drillground.a band of prisoners were returning along the quadrangle from exercise to their work, a warder behind them.arrived at the doorway of the workshop, they halted dead at signal, fell into two lines, and stood motionless at attention with the rigidity and solemnity of a military watch, while the warder ponderously passed between them and led the way into the building.for they can, after all, be galvanised into life and vigour, into agility and alertness, these licensed drones of the commonwealth, these worthless hangerson of the street corner and the highway, whom we are accustomed to regard as finished and finite clods whose betterment only a miracle could compass; all that is needed is the will to override their weakness and make them men in spite of may be asked, however, what is the practical effect of labour house discipline on the after life of those who have experienced it? that a large proportion are won to a regular life of industry cannot, unfortunately, be said, nor would it be proof of this selfevident admission stands the patent fact that many of the inmates are recidivists who have been in and out of the labour house time after time

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