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questioned on the point the director placed the percentage of genuine reformations at 25, and the proportion of those who are directly benefited, without being actually reclaimed, at from a third to a half of the half at the outside, was his most sanguine estimate, volunteered, i must add, without reference at the moment to books or memoranda.but cure in even one case out of every four, and improvement in one of every two, is no inconsiderable achievement when we remember the hard and almost hopeless material with which the labour house has to deal, and the virtual inability of our own method of treating the vagrant and the loafer to effect any reformative result whatever.obviously, it is impossible to expect accurate statistics on the question, for reasons not by any means confined to the impossibility of following the history of every discharged case, but one fact alone tells an eloquent tale.the labour house for westphalia was erected in 1821.since that time the population of the province has vastly increased, and the economic revolution consummated in the interval has created a new kind of itinerancy, that of machinebred labour, yet it has not been found necessary to enlarge the labour house, whose capacity is today as adequate to the demands made upon it as it was ninety years ago.not only so, but (disregarding the abnormal numbers of the last two years) the number of offenders of the kind for whom the institution exists is actually decreasing proportionately to population.the following were the commitments to benninghausen during the twenty years 1890 to 1909: +++ 1890 329 71400 1891 398 64462 1892 325 44369 1893 361 51412 1894 378 41419 1895 330 45375 1896 287 51338 1897 272 64336 1898 258 49307 1899 273 53326 1900 239 65304 1901 312 46358 1902 336 42378 1903 321 57378 1904 355 39394 1905 360 45405 1906 305 35340 1907 343 24367 1908 442 40482 1909 445 48493 +++ other causes have, no doubt, helped to bring about this relative diminution in the number of commitmentsamongst them the development of the voluntary labour colonies with their everopen doorsbut at benninghausen it is believed that the operation of the antivagrancy law takes the first place.probably the question has before now passed through the readers mindwhat becomes of the 300 or 400 men and women who are returned from the labour house to liberty in the course of every year? when a prisoner has served his time a problem arises which requires the most circumspect handling.what shall be done with him? shall he be simply turned adrift at the gates in the hope that he will continue to follow in freedom the path of industry which he has entered while under restraint? the benninghausen labour house makes no such wreck of its own reformative work.on the contrary, every effort is made to encourage the prisoner to persist in a regular and honest life.he is allowed to choose his destination, and the police authorities of the locality are communicated with beforehand, so that they may be ready to provide for his temporary lodging, and either to help him to work themselves or to enlist the offices of private persons able so to towns there always exists some philanthropic society which is ready to take the case in hand; in the country the helping hand is often that of the clergyman, roman catholic or protestant, as the case may also is seen the utility of the labour colonyand to westphalia, be it noted, belongs the honour of having founded the original colony, of which the thirtythree others scattered over germany are copieswhich frequently serves as a temporary refuge for men who, having passed through the mill of adversity and humiliation, and been given a glimpse of better things, have no desire to drift into the old demoralising ways.chapter vii.the berlin municipal labour house.the labour house at rummelsburg, near berlin, is an example of a house of correction for offenders of the classes dealt with at benninghausen conducted by a municipality.this institution is maintained entirely by the city of berlin, and while it exists to meet the requirements of the imperial penal code, as already explained, there is attached to it a large hospital which closely corresponds to an english workhouse infirmary.this hospital is intended for the reception of (1) persons suffering from incurable diseases, also infirm persons who are no longer able to look after themselves, even with the assistance of outrelief; (2) those, who, owing to their past irregular mode of life (intemperance, immorality, criminality, etc.), are unsuited to admission to the usual municipal infirmaries; (3) destitute persons who might still be given outrelief, but who, by reason of their irregular mode of life, as above stated, would be better provided for in a public institution; (4) those in receipt of relief who are believed to be likely to give way to mendicity; and finally (5) persons sentenced to disciplinary detention who are infirm or ill, and incapable of general, the class of persons accommodated are the undeserving infirm poor who are not thought worthy of permanent association with indoor paupers of more or less respectable antecedents.although under the management of the same director, and administered by the same committee of the town council, the hospital is entirely independent of the house of correction, and its inmates are disregarded in the statistical data which follow.the numbers detained at rummelsburg during the financial year 19078 were as follows: +++ number detained on april 1, 1908 1,349 36 1,385 admitted during year1,428102 1,530 +++ 2,777138 2,915 +++ discharged during the year1,128 55 1,183 died 21 21 +++ 1,149 55 1,204 +++ number remaining on march 31, 19091,628 83 1,711 +++ of the 1530 persons admitted during the year 1381 (1,282 men and 99 women) had been committed by the police authorities of berlin, and 149 (146 men and 3 women) were reinstated with a view to their completing sentences interrupted owing either to temporary removal to hospital or to escape.the offences which led to commitment were the following: +++ vagabondage11 11 begging 6557 662 homelessness567 61 628 _souteneurs_ 49 3180 +++ totals1,282 991,381 +++ the duration of the sentences awarded was as follows: +++ six months and under252 42294 from six months to two years 545 43588 two years 485 14499 +++ totals1,282 991,381 +++ of the 1,183 persons discharged during the year, 84 went to their own homes, 921 had no homes to go to, 113 were handed to other judicial authorities, 13 were removed to outside hospitals or lunatic asylums, and 52 were removed to the infirmary after completing their sentences.of the persons newly admitted, 20 were twentyone years of age or under, 76 were between twentyone and twentyfive years, 126 between twentyfive and thirty years, 346 between thirty and forty years, 389 between forty and fifty years, 322 between fifty and sixty years, 91 between sixty and seventy years, and 11 seventy years and upwards.the occupations of these 1,381 persons were as follows: +++ agriculture, forestry, gardening, hunting, fishing industry, mining, and building 5413 544 trade and commerce 1223 125 domestic service and casual labour618 93 711 no occupation or none stated11 +++ the inmates of the berlin labour house are employed in a variety of ways, but chiefly in the works connected with the irrigation farms belonging to the city.all the men of this class are lodged in barracks near the farms, so as to avoid walking the long distance to and fro every day.the remainder of the men are engaged in miscellaneous trades, such as tailoring, shoe making, clogging, woodworking, basket and brush making, locksmithery, tinning, strawplaiting, book binding, etc.; wood cutting is done by the less skilled men; and old men are put to light employments like coffee bean and feather sorting.most of the women not engaged in domestic work are employed in sewing and washing for municipal institutions, like the hospitals, shelters for the homeless, the cattle market and abattoir, etc.the following table shows the manner in which the labour of the inmates was distributed amongst these employments, with the number of days worked, and the value of the work done, during the year 19089: _paid work._ ++ number value of of dayswork.of work.++ (1) _outside the labour house._ £ s

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